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Top 25 HR Technology Solution Providers - 2018

The workload that HRs plunge into is regularly tedious and physically strenuous, and at times becomes resource consuming. The gap between employers and employees, overall development of employees, recruitment processes and internal communications are significant problems that HRs come across in numerous business arenas. HRs are accountable for managing and synchronizing tasks, hence, at times are bereft of man-power which hampers their workflow and over-burdens them.

With the growth in the digital space, – from Cloud to Big Data - an unbridled surge has evinced in the current HR ecosystem, nascent technologies are mushrooming for greater employer and employee relationship and better engagement in the workspace. Today, HRs are plunging into the HR technology bandwagon and changing the way they work. From recruiting to scheduling, payrolls to employee training, all these tasks are changing due to path-breaking technical solutions. Ever since technology has entered the HR workspace, tasks of HRs today are manageable and free from all hassles.

The competence of HR technologies and services has prompted the growth of HR Tech Solutions Companies that direct various businesses and organizations despite their size and solutions, reducing work pressure of HRs. With technology developing at lightning speed, businesses find it difficult to adapt to change. Therefore, different HR technology solutions and services providers have come forward to help companies adopt innovative ways such as Applicant Tracking System and Electrical Data Storage.

Our current edition thus brings to you “Top 25 HR Technology Solution Providers - 2018”. The proposed list aims to help organizations to choose their felicitous solution providers, who suit their specific requirements and help them to fulfil HR goals and missions by providing best technology and service for a better workforce.

Company: QJumpers
Key Person: Simon Oldham
Description: Provides an AI-based decentralized, end-to-end recruitment platform for clients combined with quality support services

The secret for any company to remain a step ahead of its competitors is to hire the best and most efficient employees. However, hiring the ideal people is easier said than done. “Around the world, companies are spending a lot of time and money searching for the ideal candidates and in retaining their best employees. The process is now quite complex and results are difficult to achieve; requiring a different strategy,” states Simon Oldham, President, QJumpers. Hence, it is quintessential to deliver a unique solution for customers and QJumpers has addressed this very problem. Based in New Zealand with a presence in Australia and recently expanded into the U.S., the firm offers an AI-based decentralized, end-to-end recruitment technology platform for companies to quickly and easily find their best candidates.

The powerful platform streamlines and speeds up the process of finding the ideal employees for any business through, essentially, a single click

With numerous job sites available, it is challenging for companies to advertise their jobs and find the candidates that suit the precise requirements. QJumpers’ novel platform, accessible both through table-top or mobile devices, solves this by providing clients with their own “free talent pool” and automated tools. Candidates upload their resume through any device and within seconds their profile is automatically completed with the company's artificial intelligence technology. With the aid of AI, QJumpers can also read the requirements of a job vacancy. Currently, the firm is combining these two pieces to analyze the job requirements to automatcially match the best candidates for the job.

“We constantly drive ourselves to provide the best software available in the market that would allow employers to not only find the candidates suitable to their job criteria but also help retain them,” mentions Oldham. With all the data available within the recruitment system, the integrated business intelligence and reporting tool empowers a client to analyze what works and continuously improve their recruitment and retention strategies. Also, through an intuitive, ‘super-fast’ Single Page Application UI and ‘API first’ methodology, the platform seamlessly integrates with a business’ in-house HR, payroll, employee engagement systems, and other applications, thereby enabling an all-in-all solution when it comes to human resource management.

The uniqueness of QJumpers as a company lies in its customer-agnostic, end-user-focused approach while designing and delivering solutions. Oldham mentions that his firm prefers to meet clients and research thoroughly their challenges, requirements, and expectations before implementing the platform. After a successful implementation, the firm ensures that its customers receive support anywhere, anytime, and in every possible way. Such an approach ensures constant market feedback to help with functionality enhancements and has helped the company gain full recognition in the market. This is reflected from its partnership with Toyota who wanted to increase transparency and candidate experience in their recruitment processes across their dealerships nationally. Once the dealers and their recruitment teams were on-boarded onto the QJumpers’ ATS platform, Toyota could have a global view on the talent shortages across the country, number of jobs advertised, candidates hired, time to hire and the eventual recruitment costs. The firm’s mission, as an HR technology company, is to enable its customers to get the “best people – fast” through the “ideal recruitment experience.” In line with this vision, QJumpers is focusing on strengthening its platform’s capabilities by searching for talent through all available global databases and matching this global talent to its clients’ job vacancies through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Equipped with such an innovative solution, QJumpers is well placed to capture more of the American market in future.

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At QJumpers, we understand the pressure of working in a time sensitive and competitive recruitment environment, where you need to identify the best talent fast and recruit even faster.    

Top talent is in high demand.  You need technology to help find talent quickly and then to easily identify the stars.  Advertise your jobs on as many job sites and social media platforms as you like with just a click. Invite suitably matched candidates in your talent pool to apply or simply call them to get a jump start to your recruitment process.  Your ATS will automatically rank incoming applicants based on criteria that you have set.

Our software automatically acknowledges all applicants so that you don’t need to.  Screening questionnaires automatically filter unsuitable applicants.   Send templated emails to many applicants at the same time.  Copy jobs, withdraw jobs, edit jobs….. The list goes on.  Let’s just say that our software is designed to eliminate all of the time consuming tasks and makes finding top staff easy!

Let’s not forget the applicants.  If you have a long difficult application process, top talent just won’t apply.  Applicants will love your quick QJumpers application process – just upload a resume and our system will automatically create their profile.  Or if they already have a profile, it’s even faster!  Job done.

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”QJumpers bent over backwards to accommodate everything we wanted. Through a collabora ve approach we hacked out the bones of what we wanted in a two day workshop, the turnaround was unbelievable, they built and delivered the system beyond what we could have imagined.”

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